Ningbo Heyi Square, located in the city center, is a landmark retail building at the intersection of three rivers in Ningbo, with a commerial area of about 50,000 square meters. In order to improve competitiveness, Heyi has undergone renovation and upgrading.
Due to the need to operate while renovating, we aim to touch as least as possible to reach the goal. Our approach is to upgrade the overall tenant mix both inside and deck, driving the upgrade of corresponding spaces, and creating a successful business with both content and form. Starting from analyzing the target customers and competitors, under the concept of " sail and shining through time and space" for the exterior architecture and landscape, inspired by the fow of the three rivers, we have optimized the commercial layout and enriched the space content from the perspectives of traffic flow, tenant mix, and sightlines, etc., to create a dynamic, modern, and vibrant "future life lab", a new luxury department store, redefne Heyi as a landmark leading commercial hub, and inject new vitality into the city center.




PROJECT LOCATION         Zhejiang, Ningbo
DESIGN PERIOD               2022
CLIENT                              Heyi Avenue Shopping Center
TYPE                                  Shopping Mall
SCALE                                14520m²
PROJECT STATUS               Concept