We advocate"3H"design principles.



Every designed interior space should be harmonious and healthy. Sustainability, comfortable light and acoustic design, proper color system and fresh air quality. Design should always make people feel caring and caring at all times.



We design space for "people", recognize the importance of culture, function, ergonomics and aesthetics, and properly balance traditional values and high-tech contemporary design methods.



Space should arouse a natural feeling of happiness and happily attract users' senses and experiences. In order to achieve this, comprehensive and convenient functions, comfortable sensory quality, and artistic vision that inspires the soul are indispensable.






ABOUT Design Union Studio


Design Union Studio (DU Studio) is a passionate and ambitious interior architecture design firm. It was registered New York and  is based in Shanghai, China. The Founding Partners have been practicing in architecture and interior design for over 20 years with a successful track record at large commercial developments, office headquarters, department stores, early childhood education and mix-use projects at various scales. The scope of services include architectural design, interior design, FF&Edesign, graphic design and interactive/multimedia art installation designs, etc. DU Studio believes in collaborating with professional consultants as a Design Union to help clients achieve their goals in budget and time. Together with trusted consultants at business planning, landscape, lighting, MEP and structure, DU Studio strives to deliver creative and comprehensive solutions through the entire design process. DU Studio’s projects advocate"3H"design principles: Health, Humanities and Happiness.


DU Studio’s completed work are well received at design media such as Dezeen, Interior Design, Archdaily,and winning many international awards.


DU Studio’s recent completed works in China are Yutong Headquarter, Guangzhou CR8, Shanghai Proswim Academy, China Enterprise Fortune Century Tower ,NYC kids club, China - Lijiang olive oil factory etc. DU Studio is working on a number of corporate headquarters and mix-use renovations that are planned to open next year.




Pass on the design concept; 
Create quality projects, 
Share the life philosophy, 
Push forward the progress of building industry

Design is our main service. Our mission is to delivering excellent design ideas and work with owner and suppliers to build quality projects, sharing life philosophy along the way and push forward the progress of building industry



Ms. Ping Zhu is the Founding Partner of Design Union  Studio. (DU studio)


Prior to founding DU Studio in Shanghai, Ms. Zhu worked at international renowned firms NBBJ and Benoy, where she was responsible leading and managing many high profile large scale commercial, retail and office interior design projects like Microsoft Beijing West R&D center, Sunning Headquarters, Hangzhou Tower 501plaza, Ali center HongQiao, etc. After Design Union was founded, she has finished many successful projects like Proswim,  Guangzou CR8, Yutong Headquarter ,NYC kids club etc, which are published in international media and have received many awards. Ms.Zhu’s international background and China practice successfully help reach her clients’ design vision and exceed industry standards over the years.


Ms. Zhu received her Master of Arts degree in Interior Design from The University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States in 2005.