Inner courtyard


Along Maotai road


Central courtyard


Central courtyard: Interactive floor


West courtyard


West courtyard 2F


West courtyard 1F


East courtyard


South courtyard





Lift lobby


Maotai road landscape









ARCH WALK is owned by the world-leading pulp and paper company, APP. It is located in a busy commercial district on Mao Tai Road and Lou Shan Guan Road in Shanghai, covering a total area of 80,000 square meters above and below ground. The renovation project focuses on the above-ground area of 30,000 square meters, consisting of a central plaza and four courtyards to the east, west, south, and north. The main goal of the renovation is to improve the flow of customers while preserving the original space as much as possible, upgrading the facilities, enhancing the urban landscape, injecting new vitality, and creating an open, dynamic, and vibrant urban park for the community.
The renovation concept is "loop ," responding to the APP’s sustainable development philosophy and referencing the symbolic themes and color attributes of the four directions in Chinese Feng Shui. The east represents wood, the south represents fire, the west represents metal, and the north represents water, endowing the space with a narrative quality: the romantic west garden, the green east corridor, the lively south garden, and the tranquil north alley. The central performance plaza, which integrates sound, light, and electronic entertainment markets, is the heart of the entire project space and the convergence center of pedestrian circulation.
The themed courtyard also meets the consumption needs of different crowds at different times, such as having coffee in the east corridor in the morning or enjoying drinks in the west garden in the evening.


PROJECT LOCATION        Shanghai
DESIGN PERIOD               2022
CLIENT                              APP
TYPE                                 Shopping Mall
SCALE                               15378m²
PROJECT STATUS              Under construction