The spatial personality of a company should resonate with its DNA and business philosophy. Ancheng, as an open platform for intellectual property protection, emphasizes efficiency and aims to provide clients with one-stop services, making its space an extension of these values.

The overall space design creates a fluid and open atmosphere, with windows bringing in the vibrant cityscape of Shenzhen. It's a versatile space where various functions seamlessly intertwine—product displays, meetings, a casual bar area, relaxation, and reading zones all harmonize.

Exiting the elevator hall, one side houses the reception area, while the other side features the display area. The hollow three-dimensional logo shield is prominent, and through its center, the gaze extends to the city outside, symbolizing Ancheng's symbiotic relationship with the city.

To the left, there's a leisure bar area with an LED touchscreen embedded in the table for both casual tea breaks and displays. On one end of the space is a quiet reading area, while the other end leads to an outdoor garden. VIP reception rooms are also available.

In the open work area, existing seating is enhanced with green plant walls, cultural displays, and collaboration zones, creating a more human-centered office environment that encourages communication and creativity. A curved LED wall displays real-time data, motivating employees and enabling instant staff meetings.

The color palette combines gold and black stones, striking a balance between stability, quality, and warmth. These carefully chosen tones effectively convey Ancheng's service philosophy.

The new upgrade brings a revitalized open office environment to the owners, enhancing their image, boosting employee efficiency, and laying a solid foundation for Ancheng's future growth.



PROJECT LOCATION         Shenzhen
DESIGN PERIOD                2022
CLIENT                               AnDun Headquarter
TYPE                                  Office
SCALE                                670m²
PROJECT STATUS               Completed