As a pioneer of Alibaba's new retail, Hema has been experiencing rapid expansion. This unique store is located on the west lake of Hangzhou, one of China's popular tourist destinations. The scope of this design is mainly the 4000 square meter dining area, which is mainly divided into three areas: seafood, local cuisine in southern China, and seafood. This renovation is not only for a better dining experience but also to help Hema better define its own identity. Hema's distinctive online purchasing and offline rapid delivery within 3 kilometers in 30 minutes. After analysis, we believe that the biggest feature of the store is the conveyor belt that runs through the entire space, from the distribution room to the courier pick-up point, from the fish tank to the local catering area in Hangzhou. We decided to emphasize this feature also helping to define HEMA’s ID. Along the conveyor belt, we installed about 2000 acrylic small fish, which highlight the characteristics of the conveyor belt and also serve as a customer wayfinding system.

Although Hema is a high-tech company, we still use local architectural elements in the dining area to display the local characteristics of this Hema store. Hangzhou's brick walls and roof tiles are used to form different semi-private dining areas. The pendant lamps above the tables are customized with fishing nets, implying Hema's fresh seafood.


PROJECT LOCATION        Zhejiang Hangzhou
DESIGN PERIOD              2017
CLIENT                             HEMA
TYPE                                Commercial
SCALE                              4000m²
PROJECT STATUS             Completed