In the era of business entering a period of limited growth, many malls need continuous self-renewal to cope with competition. They need to operate and transform simultaneously, ensuring revenue while innovating in aspects like experiential space. This requires both speed and quality, which is challenging. Hangzhou Tower has consistently been at the forefront of department store retail, embracing innovation and providing better experiences and services to its customers.

The area to be renovated is on the 4th floor of Hangzhou Tower's B Building, dedicated to luxury goods. To cater to high-end users of luxury brands, the tower decided to create an exclusive high-end custom area, with brands like Chanel and LV. While not large, this area is significant for exploring better services for top-tier customers.

We took on the renovation of this public area and its facilities, including common areas, entrances, restrooms, and elevator halls. The focus was on creating a private, understated, yet artistic and luxurious atmosphere, considering the brands and the historical-cultural context of Hangzhou.

The entrance to the high-end area draws inspiration from traditional Chinese landscape paintings, aiming to provide visitors with an experience akin to opening a wonderful piece of art.

The restroom transformation was a pivotal aspect. Restrooms often reflect the level of a mall. Since these spaces are private, the details reflect the mall's human-centered approach. We aimed to create a serene, luxurious, and artistic resting place that contrasts with the bustling commercial areas.

The corridor leading to the area features an arched wall designed to display art sculptures, with a shimmering metal mosaic resembling rippling water, symbolizing a transition from the bustling mall to a serene place.

Inside the restroom, instead of real plants, we used custom-designed 3D glass resembling a flowing stream with a blurred bamboo forest pattern as the background. High-end users' need for privacy was addressed by adding semi-circular partitions between washbasins, providing both lighting and privacy.

The chosen marble had natural green veins resembling the Silk Road's rain of flowers, connecting with nature. Despite challenges during construction, the team persevered to realize the design.

In the elevator hall, to ensure easy construction and a quick turnaround, metallic film was used for enhancement. The famous lines from Su Dongpo's poem were modernly embedded on the wall, with bamboo shadows projected onto the verses.

Through the renovation, Hangzhou Tower's 4th floor high-end area integrates modern techniques with Chinese elements, engaging in a silent cultural dialogue between East and West, encompassing scrolls, flowing water, bamboo, poetry, and more.



PROJECT LOCATION       ZheJiang, Hangzhou
DESIGN PERIOD             2022
CLIENT                            Hangzhou Tower   
TYPE                               Shopping Mall
SCALE                             1000m²
PROJECT STATUS            Completed