This project is located near Guangzhou Panyu Hanxi Metro Station, adjacent to Chimelong Happy World. It's a mixed-use development comprising offices, residences, and commercial spaces, with a commercial area of around 30,000 square meters.

The project is positioned as young, fashionable, and avant-garde. From the beginning, the owner wanted to differentiate from typical bustling commercial spaces and create a clean, sophisticated route, establishing a low-key, artistic, high-quality, and green exquisite space, reminiscent of a gallery. The commercial section spans five floors, featuring two central halls for a multi-layered spatial experience. Floors 4 to 5 include galleries and a small theater, while levels 1 to 3 integrate retail and dining.

The project's highlight lies in the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor landscape terraces, crafting a leisurely, comfortable, and artistic spatial experience.

The concept for the commercial space is "Flowing Time." A minimalist black-and-white color scheme creates a concise backdrop, akin to a gallery, inviting consumers to enjoy moments of quiet pleasure as time slowly passes, while preparing for future dynamic content changes.

The entrance features a grid-effect LED chandelier. The light changes like flowing time, its warm hues evolving as time passes, constantly adapting to welcome each visitor, inviting them to appreciate the allure of time.

Carefully designed plaster formations distribute light to create an effortless, random appearance, resembling the whimsical fall of time. The festive scene during the Spring Festival adds a touch of rich color to the elegant white interior.

Spacious seating areas with plant-adorned pebble seats echo the greenery of the outdoor terrace, evoking a park-like sensation within the mall.

The sunlight-filled atrium on the 3rd floor coincidentally showcases outdoor brand activities, immersing visitors in a leisurely moment amidst urban life. Sunlight filters in through the skylights, bathing the space in a beautiful glow. Going up the escalator leads to the commercial highlight, a small theater, though it's currently undergoing meticulous design and setup.

The pristine white skylight is another significant feature, accentuated by delicate light strips outlining its structural beauty. The thoughtful light arrangement meets nighttime skylight brightness needs, providing a comfortable and gentle lighting experience.

A corner coffee shop serves as a link between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing coffee drinkers to enjoy their cups on the outdoor terrace—an idyllic scene.

The elevator hall's theme is "Flowing Sand," with the facade of the illuminated lightboxes featuring countless milk-white circles carved from custom acrylic, sprinkled with copper-colored sand, symbolizing the passage of time.

The restroom waiting area doubles as a rare sunny resting zone, thoughtfully designed with a floor-to-ceiling window. The sunlit waiting area with greenery offers a temporary respite in the sunlight.

The restroom employs clean white engineered stone and wood grain hues, creating a warm, understated ambiance. Floor-level art lightboxes are reserved for future artistic installations.

Youthful, vibrant, quality, artistic, and trendy—this creative and joyful commercial space is expected to infuse the community with a refreshing vitality.



PROJECT LOCATION     Guang dong, Gang zhou
DESIGN PERIOD            2019
CLIENT                         Times China
TYPE                             Shopping Mall
SCALE                           30000m²
PROJECT STATUS          Completed