DU Studio has renovated a historical pool to be first public Endless Pool Club in Shanghai , mixing training , social activities into a vibrant multifunctional place .

The client is Proswim Academy,a newly-established sports firm, who focus on  the development of cutting-edge practices in relation to swimming, which is multifaceted, and spans on swimming training, assistive technologies for functional training, and of course ensuring that the space is able to facilitate the most advanced features that can be utilized by all ages, from kids to elders.

The pool is located in the basement of A.T house hotel,Xujiahui area, Shanghai.  Its predecessor space has existed in the same location for the last 80 years, since the 1960s. Opposite to the location of the pool, one may find the Xujiahui Monastery, a historical building that is preserved to this day, with a unique visual style that includes a magnificent curved gothic ceiling. This is one feature that inspired the design of the curved ceiling of the main pool.

The pool was originally outdoors, but in this current setting the pool is located indoors . DU Studio has carefully consider how to integrate lighting to the structure precisely to offer a soft ambiance that ensures maximum comfort while being there.

The curved aluminum panels with mat finish reflect the light softly and hide the light in the cove and  constrain the glare, thus creating an indirect lighting setting that is more comfortable for the swimmers.

In addition to this, in both sides of the main pool area large steps have been added to allow swimmers (or teams of them) to sit, train, socialize. The social element has been greatly considered in other spaces as well, as for example in the VIP and other multi-functional rooms (GYM, Yoga room etc.) that are available to the members of the club.

The main pool is at the center banked with two 1.2m high raised deck. On the left is thermal basin for the kids. On the other side an Endless Pool has been added to the space, and offers to the swimmers a high-end technological equipment that can be used in a range of activities: from training for the games, to physiotherapy, or weight loss.

Sight connection has been carefully considered  to increasing the space flowability as it is not a big space. In the reception area , by rearranging the circulation and change the existing solid wall to glass, visitor can see endless pool directly .Curved blue glass partitions are designed to give these two raised areas some privacy while connecting the sightline 。

In terms of the material selection, DU Studio used mainly solid wood, concrete, cement, tiles, and metal. These elements create a contrasting sense between nature and industrial power (brutalism). In relation to the color selection, white and blue dominate in the space as they compose a bright, clear, and calming space.

Through this renovation, DU Studio has revived a historical landmark into a contemporary swimming space that is elegant, functional, and technologically advanced with an intention to give back to the community a vital social space for their health and well-being.


PROJECT LOCATION        Shanghai
DESIGN PERIOD               2021
CLIENT                              Proswim Academy
TYPE                                 Club
SCALE                               1000m²
PROJECT STATUS              Completed