this space design comes from the company logo. The white artificial stone floor, background wall, clean linear lights, and the front desk composed of high and low white marble squares interpret the characteristics of Jindi's corporate avenue to simplicity. The lower table in the front desk can be decorated with sculptures or dynamic projection in the future. On the left is the middle meeting room, equipped with energized glass for projection display projects. On the right is a small meeting surrounded by brushed stainless steel. This is in sharp contrast to open ceilings and concrete floors. The orange carpet gradually melts into the conference room from the outside of the open space, extending the sight and space and increasing the fluidity of the space.

In order to facilitate communication between different departments, orange transparent conference rooms of different sizes are scattered in the four corners of the core tube, suitable for small discussions and video conferences of individuals or departments, and have clear identification.

this project has limited space for cooperation and rest because of its high density. In order to allow customers to use the space flexibly, the large conference room and the training room are merged into one and merged with the tea area, separated by a folding partition wall, forming a large space when necessary for different scenarios. The tables in the large conference room are assembled with a single training table so that the tables can be randomly placed and can be used flexibly for different functions such as project discussion, training, and company conferences. At the same time, in order to reduce contact infection, the large conference room uses a sound control switch.

are the principles of Jindi enterprises. This office is a reflection on how high-density office should be done during the post-epidemic period, and it is also another practice of the company's fundamental concept.





Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Limited ,North China is located in the Gemdale Center on the east third ring of Beijing. It is an office space of around 1500 square meters. Considering the overall functions and number of people, the space needs to be compact and efficient, and the layout should fully consider sunlight, circulation, and teamwork.

The biggest feature of the project is that it has a "green heart" in the design. A green belt is embedded within the core wall of the office and covered with concrete panel walls. The purpose of doing this is to allow employees to enjoy the beauty of nature in every corner of the space, while taking up minimal space in the small office. Above and below the green belt are display and storage spaces.


PROJECT LOCATION          Beijing
DESIGN PERIOD                 2020
CLIENT                               Gemdale Prooerties & Investment
TYPE                                   Office
SCALE                                 2914m²
PROJECT STATUS                Completed